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The sea route connecting the mainland of Angola and the Cabinda province starts operation in July

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Ann News Agency reported on April 5 that the Minister of Transportation Ricardo de Abreu, who accompanied Vice President Sousa on an inspection in Cabinda Province, Angola, stated on the 4th that the passenger and cargo routes connecting Luanda/Soyo/Cabinda The ship plans to start effective operations in July this year, and plans to complete the construction of the Cabinda port breakwater and ship docks within one month.



Abreu said that the sea passenger and cargo transport corridor between the mainland of Angola and Cabinda fills the "geographical interruption" between the two, so this service is of strategic significance.


He emphasized that in order to achieve this goal, the plan has received support from the Ministry of Finance and the Court of Auditing. In order to make this infrastructure project benefit the people of the province, they have played a very important role in providing resources to ensure the signing of most contracts. Important role.


The Cabinda Maritime Passenger Terminal aims to facilitate travel from Cabinda to other parts of the country by opening a shipping route connecting Luanda Port-Soyo-Cabinda.The vessel undertaking the carrying task is approximately 48 meters long. In addition to various loads, it can also accommodate 60 passengers, 9 containers and 10 vehicles, with a speed of 20.5 nautical miles per hour.


The Cabinda terminal facility project began in 2017 and includes a waiting hall that can accommodate 150 passengers, an arrival hall that can accommodate the same number of people, VIP rooms, luggage areas, technical areas and sanitary facilities, and elevators to all areas.


The maritime terminal includes a pier with a length of 340 meters and a width of 40 meters, a ship berthing ramp with a length of 30 meters and a width of 25 meters, and a passenger passage with a length of 300 meters and a width of 12 meters.