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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Volunteer Service-Guangjin assists Angola's "Spring Seed Action"

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On March 2, 200,000 doses of domestically produced new crown vaccine aided by China to Angola arrived in Africa.On April 3, the new crown vaccination "Spring Seed Action" was officially implemented.The vaccination site is located in the Angola Zhongtai Hospital. In addition to the medical staff in the hospital, the China Volunteer Union also organized more than 20 volunteers to participate in on-site vaccination services.


Guangjin Angola Branch fully responded to the call of the Chinese Volunteer Alliance, and specially appointed two employees of the company to participate in this event, and used practical actions to support and participate in the "Spring Seed Operation" vaccination service.


Chinese Ambassador to Angola Gong Tao, Angola Minister of Health Lu Tukuta, Secretary of State for Public Health Mufinda, Director of the Public Health Bureau Elgaye, Consular Counselor for Overseas Chinese Affairs Yang Gang, and Economic and Commercial Counselor Lu Yuming arrived at the scene to check the vaccination situation.After the visit, Gong Tao, the Chinese Ambassador to Angola, had a cordial exchange with the volunteers alone and took a group photo with all the volunteers.In addition, the hospital also invited Dr. Nie Wenlian from the medical team in Angola to explain protection knowledge to the volunteers.



The people being vaccinated this time include compatriots from mainland China and Taiwan.On the international stage, the strength of a country will make its citizens feel a sense of pride and honor.In this spring seedling operation, Zhongtai Hospital and all volunteers have exerted their great enthusiasm and carried out various voluntary work in an orderly manner, which demonstrated China's spirit of unity, enterprising and selfless dedication, and also demonstrated China's speed. virtue!


Only when faith is there, life is meaningful and countless possibilities can be created!Only by unity can we get better and better. Going farther and farther, all employees of Guangjin International Group's Angola branch will continue to participate in voluntary activities under the leadership of the Angola branch.Together with compatriots and volunteers from the Angolan Overseas Chinese Association, we will compose a song of unity and progress in Angola.


The future can be expected, come on together!