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The Minister of Health supports the temporary exemption of intellectual property rights for the new crown pneumonia vaccine

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According to Angolan media reports, Sílvia Lutucuta, Minister of Health of Angola, stated at the 74th World Health Assembly on the 25th,Angola hopes and supports the initiative to temporarily exempt the intellectual property rights of the new crown pneumonia vaccine to avoid inequality in access to vaccines between countries and regions.


Silvia said that the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to drive changes in the political and resource capabilities of countries. Our current focus is to reduce the death toll and prevent the collapse of the national health system.


"The emergence of the new crown pneumonia vaccine and the innovation and adaptability of human beings have brought about a turning point in dealing with this epidemic. However, due to the unequal access to vaccines between countries and regions, our vision of getting out of the epidemic as soon as possible can only be postponed. ."


The Minister added that the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to pose a threat to human society. If the international community cannot reach a consensus, the epidemic problem cannot be successfully resolved.In addition, Sylvia also said that the continued deterioration of the economic crisis is having a negative impact on the national health service, the implementation of public health plans has been continuously blocked, and the goal of basic medical insurance to cover all people has been postponed again.


Sylvia believes that the World Health Organization's efforts in response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic are very worthy of recognition, and he is very grateful to the WHO for its attention and support to the prevention and control of the Angola epidemic.At the same time, it believes that the World Health Organization should take the lead in eliminating inequalities in vaccine access between countries and regions, and no country or anyone should be left behind.


Finally, Minister of Health Sylvia once again called on WHO member states to actively fulfill their commitments, maintain solidarity and cooperation, and help the international community to boost recovery, and achieve "end this epidemic and build a healthier, safer, and more just world". A common goal.