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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Wind "Yu" in the same boat-Guangjin International Group assists in the battle against floods

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On July 20, a continuous heavy rainfall turned Zhengzhou into a water city within a few hours, and severe regional flooding occurred in many places. The severe flood situation closely affects the hearts of all sectors of society.


As an enterprise in Zhengzhou, Guangjin International Group was also affected by floods, the network was not smooth, and the signal was interrupted. Chairman Chen Jiazhong immediately asked to confirm the safety of the company's employees and overseas employees in Zheng's family one by one, and asked to make every effort to protect the personal safety of employees and their families.




On the next day, while ensuring the safety of all employees, under the call and leadership of the group leaders, the company actively coordinated the purchase of materials and purchased instant noodles, ham sausage, mineral water, raincoats, rubber shoes, water pumps and other living and rescue materials.Donations were made to the High-tech Zone Charity Federation, Fengyang Office, Fengyang Police Station, as well as the Dihu disaster area and Baige community rescue team to escort frontline workers and provide energy supplements.








The disaster situation in Zhengzhou always affects the hearts of the company's overseas employees. Concerns about their family members and concern for their hometown, everyone consciously launched a fundraising activity for flood relief and relief efforts of "The water is ruthless, I am sentimental", and the brothers and sisters of the international group at home and abroad. Positive response, the donation is still in progress.




In the midst of a disaster, we can better feel the feelings of people on the front line of flood fighting and those who are still waiting for rescue. In such a difficult time, Guangjin International Group must walk with the government, take the initiative to assume social responsibilities, and contribute its own little power!



As an enterprise in Henan, Guangjin International Group is rooted in the Central Plains and loves its hometown deeply! At the same time, Guangjin also continues to follow the national one-belt and one-road strategy and cooperate with Henan local enterprises to develop in Africa and the Middle East.


Here, we also sincerely thank the public security, the People's Liberation Army, fire officers and soldiers, and all walks of life for their support and help to Zhengzhou! We firmly believe that in the same boat as the wind "Yu", Zhengzhou will definitely do it! Henan must do!