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Luanda will launch a mass vaccination campaign

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The Angolan Ministry of Health and the Luanda Provincial Government will conduct a mass vaccination campaign next week in all cities in the capital. The aim is to vaccinate the country's largest concentration of people in Luanda in preparation for lifting the sanitary fence.


According to Health Minister Silvia Lutukuta, Luanda will receive another 2 million doses of vaccines on Friday, 20th, which will be launched quickly.


She emphasized: “We must open the door to restore normal economic and social activities. Teachers, police and military personnel will become an indispensable part of this process.”


Silvia Lutukuta mentioned that Luanda is still the central focus of the spread of the new crown, especially the new variants. The process of mass vaccination of Luanda’s population includes providing greater operational security for people in the provinces.


According to the Ministry of Health, since Luanda started the vaccination campaign, 20% of the population has been vaccinated, and the government’s goal is to increase the number of vaccinated people to 31%.


Helga Freitas, National Public Health Director of the Ministry of Health, announced on Monday that people aged 18 to 39 will participate in this large-scale population vaccination campaign.


HelgaFreitas said that by September 30, the country will receive about 4 million doses of vaccine, of which more than 1 million doses will remain in Luanda.


The governor of Luanda, AnaPaulade Carvalho, asked the municipal and regional administrations to conduct a more comprehensive plan to support the team that will carry out the sport.


In the past two weeks, the number of new cases and deaths registered in Luanda has decreased.


Angola is using vaccines from AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Sputnik, Sinopharm and Johnson & Johnson for immunization. From March 5 to August 11, a total of 1,714,568 people were vaccinated nationwide, including 987,927 people in the first dose and 726,641 people in the second dose.