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Wang Qingyi, Secretary of the Party Committee of North China University of Water Conservancy and Hydropower, and his entourage visited Guangjin International Group for research and exchange and signed a framework agreement

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On the morning of October 8, Wang Qingyi, Secretary of the Party Committee of North China University of Water Conservancy and Hydropower, and his entourage visited Guangjin International Group for research and exchange.Chen Jiazhong, Chairman of Guangjin International Group, Lu Hongfa, General Manager of Building Business Center, and Liu Haibin, General Manager of Trade Business Center, attended the symposium. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Chen Jiazhong.


The scene of the symposium


Chen Jiazhong extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Secretary Wang Qingyi and his entourage, and was proud of the development achievements of his alma mater in recent years.He deeply reviewed the bits and pieces of the four-year undergraduate study that year, and expressed his gratitude to the teachers of his alma mater.He introduced in detail his work experience after graduation, the development history of Guangjin International Group, and the scope of the group's business.He said that most of the group’s business is concentrated in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. He hopes to develop school-enterprise cooperation with schools in the employment of international students and "order-based" talent training. For international students with engineering background and Chinese language foundation, I hope that Huashui can recommend outstanding overseas graduates to work and intern in Guangjin International Group.


Secretary Wang Qingyi highly appreciated the development achievements of Guangjin International Group in recent years. He said that under the leadership of Chairman Chen Jiazhong, Guangjin International Group has a strong momentum of development. The team is full of vigor. The company is really committed to working hard and has formed a good corporate spirit and culture. The characteristics of talent training that can live, use, and do well and the graduate brand image of “being simple, solid foundation, pragmatic, and pragmatic” have inherited the spirit of Huashui and established a good image of Huashui to the society. 


Wang Qingyi, Secretary of the Party Committee of North China University of Water Conservancy and Hydropower


Secretary Wang Qingyi introduced in detail the achievements of the school in recent years in terms of talent training, school enrollment, platform construction, doctoral program construction, docking with national strategies, and serving local economic and social development.He pointed out that the current school enrollment and employment show a good trend of "prosperous import and smooth export", the quality of the source of students is good, and the one-time employment rate steadily ranks among the top universities in the province. Regarding the future development direction of the school, he pointed out that the main tasks of the school during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period are to stabilize the school scale, optimize the school structure, connotate development, create a "double first-class" discipline, and apply for the preparation of the Yellow River Laboratory.In recent years, the school has implemented the internship of General Secretary Jinping’s "Two Betters" Yin Yin, and built the Jianghuai campus in Luoshan, Xinyang. "Key" project, Jianghuai campus is based on the Huai River Basin, relying on the characteristics and advantages of colleges and universities to support the acceleration of the revitalization of the old revolutionary base in Dabieshan. The school implements the "integrated management, differentiated schooling, dislocation development, and characteristic development" model for the Jianghuai campus. The school is in the Jianghuai campus. Actively promote the construction of industry colleges, focusing on training according to the needs of water conservancy talents below the province and the talents of serving small and medium-sized river basins and small and medium-sized reservoirs, and according to the needs of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in the local economy and society, the cultivation and development of emerging industries, and the development of future industries. A large number of industry leaders in the future and high-level innovative, compound and application-oriented talents.


The scene of the symposium


Secretary Wang Qingyi, on behalf of the school, invited Chairman Chen Jiazhong to participate in the 70th anniversary celebration of the school on October 16.I hope that Chairman Chen Jiazhong can come to the school to give a report during the school anniversary, communicate face-to-face with the school teachers and students, answer questions, share the experience of work and entrepreneurship after graduation, give full play to the typical demonstration and leading role of alumni, inherit the spirit of Huashui, and encourage students to grow and become talents. 


Chen Jiazhong, Chairman of Guangjin International Group


Chairman Chen Jiazhong expressed his warm congratulations on the 70th birthday of his alma mater, and he readily accepted the invitation of Secretary Wang Qingyi, saying that he must carefully prepare the content of the report, and report personal growth experience, work and learning experience to the teachers and students of his alma mater.


Vice President Liu Handong reviewed the situation when Chairman Chen Jiazhong donated 1 million yuan to the school during the 60th anniversary of the school in 2011, introduced the use of the "Jiazhong" scholarship, the school's professional settings, and combined his own work to carry out the "order form" for both parties. Put forward ideas for talent training. Liu Xuemei gave a detailed introduction to the school's Huayu College.



Vice President Liu Xuemei and Chairman Chen Jiazhong signed the contract on behalf of both parties


Finally, Vice President Liu Xuemei and Chen Jiazhong signed the framework agreement on behalf of both parties, and the leaders of both parties witnessed the signing.Chairman Chen Jiazhong stated that he will arrange for him to contribute no less than 20 million yuan to the actual controller’s sole proprietorship, holding, shareholding, and related companies, and donate to build a comprehensive laboratory building for the geological engineering specialty of the school’s Longzihu campus, and a national-level outstanding engineer for geological engineering. Training field and geological exhibition hall.


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