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Angola considers payment model for national highways

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On October 23, the Angolan National News Agency reported. Carlos Cunha, head of Grupo Técnico Empresarial, the President of Angola and government consulting agency, stated that the group has formally proposed to the government to develop national road construction and restoration projects for private capital at home and abroad. Pay-to-pass, on the one hand, avoids wasting public financial resources, on the other hand, boosts the economy. Cunha is also a personal friend of President Lorenzo.


The team prepared a formal proposal and submitted it to the government, hoping that the government will develop national road construction and restoration projects with private capital at home and abroad, and at the same time public financial resources will only invest in the construction and restoration of local roads such as the second and third levels to maximize the benefits of the people.


The proposal includes a feasibility study on self-financing of structural national highway projects in order to open international public bidding. The proposal emphasizes that the franchise model is the most suitable model in the world, which to a certain extent can also promote the development of the asphalt industry in Angola.


Earlier, the Angolan government promulgated a freight truck weighing toll pass plan, which has not yet been implemented.