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Ensuring the safe and orderly conduct of the 2022 general election

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On November 16, the Angolan National News Agency reported. The Minister of the Interior said that a risk prevention and management strategic plan is being adopted to ensure that the 2022 general election is conducted in an atmosphere of peace, security and stability. (Um planoestratégico de prevenção e gestão de riscos, para que as eleições geraisprevistas para 2022 decorram num clima de paz, segurança e tranquilidade.)

The Minister of the Interior provided the above information at the meeting of the High Commission of the Angolan National Police. He hopes that the police will perform their duties and cooperate with other agencies to ensure the 2022 general election.

The Minister of the Interior emphasized the need to reflect on the improper use of social networks, pay attention to the harm caused by false information, pictures, video and audio on social networks to institutions and individuals, and seek practical and effective solutions.

The Minister of the Interior emphasized the strict implementation of relevant regulations and deadlines for the replacement of war weapons held by private security companies with regular security firearms.

The Minister of the Interior suggested that the senior police officers should consider the career development of police officers, especially those who have been in service for more than 10 years, increase relevant training, and improve the conditions of police infrastructure and equipment to meet the needs of police officers.