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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Friendly exchanges|A delegation from Nanle Chamber of Commerce visited Guangjin International Group for discussion and exchange

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On December 24, 2021, entrusted by Chairman Chen Yueqiang and other leaders of the Chamber of Commerce, led by Wu Shaohui, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and General Manager of Henan Zhixuntong Network Security Technology Co., Ltd., a group of 10 representatives from the Chamber of Commerce went to conclude a conclusion with the Nanle Chamber of Commerce Chairman Chen Jiazhong of the Fanxian Branch of the Longxiang Chamber of Commerce of the Friendly Brothers Chamber of Commerce discussed and exchanged at the headquarters of Guangjin Group.

The meeting was held in the conference room on the sixth floor of Guangjin International Group. The symposium was presided over by Lu Hongfa, general manager of the Construction Business Center of Guangjin International Group. Liu Haibin, General Manager of Guangjin Group Trade and Business Center, Ma Guokun, Executive Deputy General Manager of Building Business Center, Feng Hongling, Director of Group Finance and Administration, Yu Xiaodong, General Manager of Domestic Trade, Yang Shoujie, Deputy General Manager of Building Business Center, and Guo, Head of Personnel Department of the Group Mingliang and Cao Jun, deputy general manager of domestic trade, attended this symposium.


Wu Shaohui, Vice Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Duan Mu Guanjie, Executive Secretary, Lai Huipan, Deputy Secretary, Wu Shengjun, Chairman of Lebang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., Li Jingwei, Assistant Chairman of Baotai Power Engineering Company, Han Xiaoyan, Vice President of Henan Pengzhida Refrigeration Equipment Company Wang Yaozheng, director of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Credit Card Center, and Gong Hong, general manager of Henan Guanzhu Information Technology Co., Ltd., and colleagues of Guangjin Group launched friendly, active, full and pragmatic seminars and exchanges.

At the symposium, Lu Hongfa, general manager of the Construction Business Center of Guangjin International Group, first expressed a warm welcome to the visit of the Chamber of Commerce on behalf of Guangjin International Group. Lu Hongfa introduced the development history of Guangjin International Group in detail, and gave a deeper explanation from the section of construction and trading business. On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, Duanmu Guanjie, Executive Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Vice President Wu Shaohui introduced the basic situation and institutional settings of the Chamber of Commerce. Vice President Wu Shaohui communicated with everyone in terms of resources, technology and business environment, and strengthening their own construction. The heads of other major corporate members of the Chamber of Commerce explained their respective business advantages and made preliminary ideas on how to coordinate the development of the business with Guangjin International Group from their own business. Vice Chairman Wu Shaohui extended an invitation to Guangjin International Group and sincerely welcomes colleagues of Guangjin Group to visit the Chamber of Commerce for inspection and guidance.


Lu Hongfa expressed his appreciation for the platform of the Nanle Chamber of Commerce, and hoped that both parties could share resources, close exchanges and diversified cooperation in the business direction in the future, combine the advantages of the Nanle Chamber of Commerce in various industries, learn from each other's experience, unite and cooperate, and broaden the new cooperation model. In order to achieve innovative development in future work.


Through this symposium, both parties have deepened understanding, enhanced exchanges, and enhanced consensus, which fully demonstrated the important link and bridge role of the Chamber of Commerce.