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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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China Telecom and Guangjin International Group reached a strategic cooperation agreement

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On January 4, 2022, Group Chairman Chen Jiazhong visited China Telecom (Africa and Middle East) Co., Ltd. The two sides held talks, conducted in-depth discussions on cooperation matters, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.


Liu Changhai, General Manager of China Telecom (Africa and Middle East) Co., Ltd., Liu Ming, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom (UAE), etc., grandly received Chen Jiazhong, Chairman of Guangjin Group and his entourage in the Dubai office building of China Telecom, and expressed their opinions on the visit of Chen Jiazhong and his entourage. A warm welcome. Afterwards, the two parties had a warm and friendly exchange.

Zhang Haichang, general manager of the Middle East region and deputy general manager of the group's trade and business center, and Liu Changhai, general manager of China Telecom (Africa and Middle East) Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement

Mr. Liu gave a detailed introduction to China Telecom (Africa and Middle East) Co., Ltd.'s development history, main business, partners, development direction and other content, and put forward the cooperation vision of Telecom and Guangjin Group. Later, Dong Chen also introduced the development history of Guangjin Group, business sector, country-specific branch companies and group platform advantages in detail. At the same time, Guangjin Group is willing to fully promote the strategic cooperation with China Telecom in Africa and the Middle East, and focus on it first. Start cooperation in the field of weak current and make a pilot project.


The two parties stated that the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement is a pragmatic initiative, at the right time and with broad prospects, which will surely push the two parties to bear fruit quickly and efficiently. The two parties will use this signing as an opportunity to integrate their own resources, complement each other's advantages, promote resource sharing, build a win-win situation in the field of intelligent construction, jointly build the "Belt and Road" industrial ecology, and jointly promote the innovation and integration of the communications industry and the construction industry. developing. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement will push the strategic cooperation relationship between the two parties to a new level.


Guangjin Group Chairman Chen Jiazhong, Chairman Assistant Cui Yanwei, Middle East Regional General Manager, Deputy General Manager Zhang Haichang of the Group's Trade and Business Center, and Liu Changhai, General Manager of China Telecom (African Middle East) Co., Ltd., and Liu Ming, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom (UAE) Wait for a group photo