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Angola ist Gastgeber der 8. African Petroleum Conference

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The African Petroleum Producers Organization (APPO) will hold the eighth edition of the Africa Petroleum Exhibition Conference (CAPE VIII) in Luanda, Angola, from 16 to 19 May 2022, with the aim of promoting investment in the African oil and gas industry and Reflect on the guidelines provided by senior African political leaders in the industry.


The event will be launched by APPO, the Ministry of Oil and Mines (MIREMPET) and AMTRADE, with the theme "Challenges and Opportunities Facing Africa's Energy, Oil and Gas Sector". The conference will bring together national experts from the power, oil and gas sectors to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition and the future of the African oil and gas industry.


It has been 18 years since the first African Petroleum Exhibition and Conference was held. It is today the largest and most influential oil and gas related event in Africa, and the purpose of Africa Oil Expo is to provide investors with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the strategic direction of the African oil and gas industry. It is also the only comprehensive platform for APPO member countries in terms of policy, business and interaction.


The conference will bring together policy makers, practitioners and operators from all levels of the public and private sectors across countries and regions to explore the current state of the African power, oil and gas industry. All ministers of energy, oil and gas from APPO member countries and senior officials of national oil companies will also participate, creating an opportunity for company representatives as well as conference participants to be first on changes in policies and resolutions related to domestic industry investment hand information.


According to the event agenda, the conference will analyze the following topics.

       1. The impact of COP-26 and the energy transition on the future of the African oil and gas industry.

       2. Development of local content in Africa.

       3. Upgrading of upstream and downstream industries, and adding value through local content.

       4. Partnerships in the African Oil and Gas Sector: National Oil Companies Perspectives on Cross-Border Infrastructure.

       5. Development of the African oil market.

       6. Refining and processing of petrochemicals.

       7. Financing the Oil and Gas Sector: Positioning of AEICORP.

The key speakers of the 8th African Petroleum Exhibition Congress included Diamantino Pedro Azevedo, Minister of Oil and Mines of Angola and President of the Organization in 2022, APPO Secretary General, other dignitaries and high-level representatives from APPO member countries, as well as from inside and outside the energy, oil and gas industry well-known regional organizations and international institutions.


Dies ist das erste Mal seit 18 Jahren, dass die Veranstaltung in Angola stattfindet. Die letzte Konferenz fand 2016 in Abuja, Nigeria, statt und zog 47 hochkarätige Redner aus fünf Kontinenten, 470 Teilnehmer aus 37 Ländern, 55 Aussteller und 13 Sponsoren an.