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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Guangjin International Group's 2021 year-end board of directors was successfully held

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    On March 20 and 21, 2022, the board meeting of Guangjin International Group was successfully held. The board meeting was held by video conference. Group Chairman Chen Jiazhong, Executive Director Lu Hongfa (General Manager of Construction Center), Executive Director Liu Haibin (General Manager of Trade Center), Executive Director Ma Guokun (Executive Deputy General Manager of Construction Center and Iraq Project Manager), Executive Director Feng Hongling (Finance and Executive Director), Executive Director Xing Huitian (Audit and Personnel Director), Executive Director Zhang Haichang (Executive Deputy General Manager of the Trade Center), Executive Director Yang Liming (General Manager of Central and West Africa), Executive Director Deng Guomin (General Manager of East Africa), Executive Director Li Xianguo, Duo Qingkun, Chen Jiafu, Yang Shoujie, Fang Guohua, Yu Xiaodong; directors Hu Dianwang, Cui Shichang, Li Shukuu, Tian Hongliang, Chen Shengheng, etc. attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Lu Hongfa.



    The meeting was presided over by Lu Hongfa, and the participants warmly welcomed

Chairman's opening speech

(Participation in China, East Africa, Central and West Africa, and Middle East)

    The meeting first preached the theme of "unified thinking, unified strategy", calling on all employees to have a strategy, a unified thinking, and focus on cohesion.


    Chairman Chen Jiazhong and the directors carefully listened to the heads of the group's branches on the operation of each segment and branch in 2021 and the work plan and implementation plan in 2022, and at the same time approved and announced the new incentive plan.

    At the meeting, a report was made on the discussion and sorting process of the relevant issues and proposals submitted by the board members, as well as the adoption and implementation of some of them. The "90 Talents Training Plan" was announced at the meeting. The Group and the Board of Directors attach great importance to the cultivation of corporate talents and will focus on strengthening the construction of talent echelon.

    At the meeting, the selection list of "Guangjin's Most Beautiful Retrograde" for the second half of 2021 was announced. The Guangjin retrogrades gave up their homes, stood up for everyone, stood up in the face of the epidemic, had the courage to go abroad, and demonstrated the responsibility of Guangjin people with their actions. with responsibility. This award reflects the company's concern and gratitude to the retrogrades.

    Finally, Chen Jiazhong, chairman of the group, expressed his gratitude to all the directors and management team for their hard work and unremitting efforts in 2021, to all colleagues who are still sticking to their front-line positions despite the raging epidemic, and to all colleagues and their families for their support. Respect and thanks! Chen Jiazhong emphasized that the spirit and role model of the most beautiful retrograde people should be passed on, and called on everyone to learn their work spirit of daring to face difficulties. I look forward to everyone making persistent efforts in 2022, being courageous, working together, and making great achievements! The chairman said that after the meeting, all departments should study and implement them in strict accordance with the relevant resolutions and plans of the board of directors.

Group photo of directors and members of the China branch

    The smooth convening of the board of directors has optimized the organizational structure of the group, formulated a clearer and more scientific plan for the development of various business departments, implemented the latest spirit formulated by the board of directors of the group, pointed out the direction for the development of the group, and played an important role in the development of the group in 2022. Guiding significance. Under the guidance of the board of directors, the group will concentrate its efforts, seek progress while maintaining stability, and be surprisingly upright, and continue to promote the enterprise to develop towards higher goals and higher quality!