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Angolan President João Lourenço attends the completion ceremony of the Cunene drought relief project

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President Lourenço came to the scene to cut the ribbon and unveil the project

    On April 4, 2022, the President of Angola and the First Lady attended the completion ceremony of the Kunene Drought Relief Project, which was built by Henan Guangjin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., and cut the ribbon and unveiled the project. More than a dozen provincial and ministerial-level government officials and more than 300 guests were invited to attend the ceremony, including the Minister of Economic Coordination, the Minister of State and the Director of the President's Civil Affairs Office, the Minister of State and the Director of the President's Military Office, the Minister of Energy and Water Resources, the Minister of Construction and Public Works, and the Minister of Information Technology. . Li Xunfeng, General Manager of POWERCHINA Angola, and representatives of all participating units accompanied the President to visit the project and presented the President with the project sand table. Yang Liming, general manager of Henan Guangjin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., and Deng Guomin, head of the engineering department, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

    At the completion ceremony, President Lorenzo listened to the overall introduction of the project by the Governor of Cunene and the Minister of Water Resources, and then inspected the project, learned about the construction of the project in detail, and gave suggestions on the safe and civilized construction, quality, and epidemic prevention measures of the project. very sure. At the same time, he highly praised the construction unit. The president said that this project is an important livelihood project, which is of great significance to the drought relief work in Cunene Province, and will effectively promote local agricultural development and improve people's livelihood and economy.

The President activated the pump start button, marking the official operation of the Kunene Public Drought Relief Project


Night construction, overtime lining

channel water

    The Kunene Drought Relief Project undertaken by Guangjin Construction Angola Branch is located in Kunene Province, Angola. The first phase of construction includes a main channel with a total length of about 150 kilometers connecting the Kunene River, as well as facilities such as reservoirs and drinking water points.

    The project entered the site on May 1, 2021. During the construction period, during the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Guangjin's "retroversaries" made every effort to overcome the impact of the epidemic. On the basis of strictly implementing the project's epidemic prevention and control, the shortage of personnel and transportation of equipment and materials were solved. difficulties, etc. All the staff of the project embraced the high temperature, fought the sweltering heat, and overcame difficulties, and gave full play to the spirit of hard work and dedication. After 334 days of hard work, the project was finally completed before the dry season in 2022.

    During the construction period, the project department provided more than 700 jobs for the local area, which increased the local employment rate and promoted economic development.


50,000 cubic meters of reservoir


Yang Liming, General Manager of Angola Branch of Guangjin Group, and Yu Jingfu, Project Manager of Kunene Canal, attended the completion ceremony together

    The President and other state leaders attended the completion ceremony of the drought relief project, thanked PowerChina and all participating units for their great contribution to Angola's infrastructure construction, and fully affirmed China's construction technology and Chinese craftsmanship. The excellent completion of this project shows the tacit understanding of Sino-Angola cooperation, and at the same time reflects the production performance organization and coordination ability of Guangjin International Group Angola Branch.