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The court is flying and the "basket" can't stop the team style

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In order to enhance exchanges and cooperation, enhance teamwork and enrich the lives of employees, on May 14, 2022, Guangjin International Group Angola Company and Guangxi Hydropower held a basketball friendly match.


Tournament starts

This is a friendly match held during the period when the epidemic prevention situation in Angola has improved. In building a platform for friendship, it has received strong support from the leaders of Guangjin International Group Angola Company, General Manager of Guangxi Hydropower Shi Qinsheng, the Finance Department and the Engineering Department.


With the referee's whistle, the game officially kicked off. Both sides of the game dribble and pass the ball, throw layups, and defend and block on the basketball court. The players cooperate with each other tacitly. Played sportsmanship and filled the atmosphere of the game!


Every fierce battle is only for the love in my heart

The hot attack welcomes the "basket"

Players from both sides learned from each other and learned from each other in the fierce competition. In the cheers and cheers of the cheerleading team, they showed their own style and friendship.

Group photo of players after the game


Through this basketball friendly match, it not only relieved the anxiety of the epidemic, exercised the body, but also enhanced the communication and exchanges between each other, which is interesting, beneficial and more energetic!


The basketball game pays attention to teamwork, and unity is the core spirit of the team. On the field are teammates who are fighting hard and learn from each other, and off the field are colleagues who are tacitly understanding and fighting side by side. Guangjin International Group Angola Company and Guangxi Hydropower have achieved profound results in the competition based on the concept of win-win cooperation, common progress and common development. Friendship also shows the spirit of enterprise unity, harmony and courage to fight.


There are winners and losers in the game, and the struggle is endless. Through various activities in the later period, we hope that both parties will further strengthen cooperation and reach a new level in business development.