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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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C&D Group (Complete Equipment Division of Light Industry Co., Ltd.) Yu Yang and his party visited our company for exchange and discussion

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On the morning of September 23, C&D Group (Complete Equipment Division of Light Industry Co., Ltd.) Yu Yang and Lin Xiaoliang visited Guangjin International Group for a discussion and exchange. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on further strengthening strategic cooperation, expanding overseas trade markets, and promoting high-quality development. Liu Haibin, General Manager of Guangjin Group Trade Center, Feng Hongling, Director of Group Finance and Audit Department, Xing Huitian, Deputy Director of Group Finance and Director of Personnel Department, Duo Qingkun, General Manager of Angola Trading Company, Yu Xiaodong, General Manager of Domestic Trading Company, and Cui Yanwei, Assistant to the Chairman, attended the ceremony. this meeting.



At the meeting, Yu Yang from the Complete Equipment Division of C&D Light Industry Co., Ltd. introduced the company profile. C&D Group has the advantages of a complete material procurement platform, supply chain and financing. xx Yuyang said that C&D Group is willing to provide services and support for the development of Guangjin International Group overseas, and hope that the two parties will establish a long-term cooperative relationship and work together for win-win development.


Liu Haibin, general manager of the trade center of Guangjin International Group, first welcomed the visit of Yang and his delegation, and then introduced the basic situation of the group, overseas trade business sectors and development plans. Guangjin International Group has accumulated rich performance and management experience in overseas trade. Relying on overseas background and market development, the two parties have the foundation for cooperation. They hope to further strengthen the depth and breadth of cooperation with the help of C&D Group's brand influence and financial support role, jointly promote the construction of overseas trade markets, and jointly explore new development space. . Finally, the two sides also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the prospects of overseas trade markets and some problems encountered in business development, which laid a good foundation for further cooperation in the future.


Based on the principle of mutual support and win-win cooperation, the two parties in this meeting agreed that in the follow-up business development, both parties will go hand in hand, give full play to their resource advantages, and at the same time consolidate friendship and promote development, create a joint A new pattern of overseas trade development.