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Notice on Interim Measures for Personnel Exchanges between China and Foreign Countries

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        Member units of the joint prevention and control Mechanism of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government as well as the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps in response to the novel coronavirus (Leading group and headquarters) and the mechanism of The State Council:


        In order to fully implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, interim measures for personnel exchanges between China and foreign countries after the novel coronavirus infection in Class B and B tubes have been formulated, which will come into effect on January 8, 2023. The relevant notice is as follows:


First, remote detection


People coming to China should take nucleic acid test 48 hours before their departure. Those with negative test results may come to China. There is no need to apply for a health code from Chinese diplomatic and consular missions. If positive, relevant personnel should come to China after turning negative.


2. Entry quarantine

Nucleic acid testing will no longer be carried out on all inbound personnel, and those with normal health declaration and no abnormal customs quarantine can be released into the community.


Persons with abnormal health declaration or fever and other symptoms shall be subject to antigen detection by the Customs. If the results are positive, asymptomatic infected persons without serious underlying diseases or mild cases can take home, residential isolation or self-care. In other cases, it is recommended to go to a medical institution for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. If the results are negative, the customs shall conduct routine quarantine inspection in accordance with the Frontier Health and Quarantine Law and other laws and regulations.


3. International passenger Flights


We will cancel measures to control the number of international passenger flights, such as the "five-one", "one-country, one-policy" and passenger load factor restrictions, increase the number of flights in phases, and optimize route distribution. We will simplify the handling process of inbound flights at airports, improve the operating efficiency of airports, and strengthen the capacity of key cities to receive flights. Airlines continue to prevent disease on board, and passengers are required to wear masks when flying.


4. Visa to China


We will further optimize arrangements for foreigners returning to China for work resumption, business, study, family visits and reunions, and provide visa facilities accordingly.


5. Port operation


We will improve supporting management measures to ensure that freight at various ports will return to pre-epidemic levels as soon as possible. To adjust the policy of "passenger stop and cargo pass" at land ports, and gradually resume the entry and exit of passenger transport (including border residents) at land ports on the basis of comprehensive assessment. The entry and exit of passenger transport at waterway ports will be gradually resumed. For international cruise ships, pilot programs will be carried out first, and then phased out. We will make it more convenient for Chinese and foreign sailors to change shifts in China.


6 Entry-exit Tourism


In light of the international epidemic situation and the service support capacity of all sectors, China will resume outbound tourism for Chinese citizens in an orderly manner in accordance with the principle of pilot programs.


The State Council responds to the novel coronavirus outbreak

Joint prevention and control mechanism foreign affairs team

December 27, 2022