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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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The Consular Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Angola visited Guangjin Group Angola

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        On the morning of February 15, local time in Angola, Yang Gang, Consul Counselor of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Angola, and his delegation visited the automobile 4s shop of Guangjin International Group Angola Company for work guidance and safety risk inspection. Group Chairman Chen Jiazhong, General manager of Angola Company Yang Liming, general manager of Angola Trading Company Duo Qingkun accompanied the reception.

        Counselor Yang Gang, Consul Wang Shuowei and Consul Chen Yinhe first visited the 4s shop in Angola. The general manager of Angola Trading Company, DuoQingkun, introduced the main business of the 4s shop to the visitors, and focused on the MG, Yutong, Zhongqi Lingyu and other vehicles on display. Counselor Yang Gang praised the products, scale and operation of 4s stores of the trading company. Subsequently, Counselor Yang Gang made an inspection and guidance on the security work of the trading company, and put forward very comprehensive guidance. After the inspection, the two sides had cordial exchanges in the conference room.


At the meeting, Chairman Chen Jiazhong first introduced to Counselor Yang Gang the development history of Guangjin Group of "growing bigger and stronger based on Africa", and expounded the group's future development plan based on the general trend of economic recovery after the epidemic and new opportunities. Counselor Yang Gang spoke highly of Chairman Chen Jiachong's introduction and fully affirmed the outstanding contribution made by Guangjin Group in KIKUXI joint defense work.



The two sides also talked about foreign cultural exchanges. Counselor Yang Gang pointed out that Henan, as a big cultural province, should give full play to its cultural hard strength, and Guangjin Group, as the president unit of Henan Chamber of Commerce, has natural advantages in organizing local enterprises to come out, connecting platforms and resources. Chairman Chen Jiazhong also agreed with Counselor Yang Gang's views. We should take culture as the carrier to find common ground between us, eliminate estrangement and conflict, promote Sino-foreign exchanges, and then benefit enterprises. Both sides suggested organizing a Henan cultural publicity activity with the culture of Henan Shaolin Temple as the theme to publicize Henan characteristic culture and promote national cultural exchanges and development.



Finally, the two sides took a group photo in front of the Henan General Chamber of Commerce and the Sino-Angolan Economic and Trade Exchange Center building located in the trading company.