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Lu Xun said: If can survive, of course, I still want to learn

Hugo said: learn to read, is to light the torch

Liang Shiqiu said: For ordinary people, reading is the easiest way to self-cultivation

Which book are you reading recently? What books stand out to you?

Life is not read in vain

Every book counts

April 23rd is World Book Day

Colleagues from various departments have books and insights to share with you

Let's read together

Referrer: Feng Hongling

Recommended book: Puppy Money

Recently, I read a book about financial management, the title is "Dog money money", the author -- "Bodo, Schaefer" known as the Warren Buffett of Europe, the book through the form of fairy tales to adults and children to prove that financial management is a full of fun, but also an important thing: the content of the book is summarized as follows:

1. Start preparing:

This book is not only suitable for children to read but also suitable for adults to learn, the book said that money is very important, but we can not materialize to do the slave of money, to be good at controlling money, such as listing their ten wishes, do dream album, write a success diary to stimulate the power of making money;

Two, start action:

1. Follow the 72-hour rule, because when you decide to do something, if you don't get it done within 72 hours, chances are you'll never want to do it again.

2. Find your income by doing what you love and what you can do. Find your little abilities and use them for great purposes. Gia was able to discover that she loved walking dogs and had the patience to teach them, so she started her first job. What about us? We always hope that we have divine power before we begin to act.

Three, financial management methods:

1. Divide your income into 50 percent for investments, 40 percent for big-ticket expenses to fulfill your dreams, and 10 percent for personal consumption.

2. Invest more in yourself.

3. Three principles of financial management: safety, high interest rate, simple investment, etc.;

4. Specific projects: fund stocks, etc.

Four, life inspiration:

1. The courage to break away from the family of origin. Although the parents of Gia, the protagonist in the book, always gave her negative energy and blows, she never complained about her parents, but silently changed herself and helped them to change together;

2, good at listening to and adopting the opinions of others, money money advice, and behind the cousin, Mrs. Tao Mu, Mr. King...... These are all the people in her life who taught her how to grow. So sometimes we also listen to others' opinions, think and learn from them, and achieve a better self;

3, "dog money money" 2 is about the cultivation of seven life character, friendly and friendly, have the courage to bear, be kind to others, help give, gratitude, diligent, trustworthy;

4. There is also a lovely "doughnut principle" that I benefit a lot from: "Money is like the visible circle outside the doughnut, while the invisible hole represents the human heart, a symbol of the character we cannot see but must have -- this is more important than the visible success!" These similar words are amazing and are really the punch line of the book!

All in all, "Dog Money Money" is really worth a look, both as a financial primer and as an educational book. I also recommend this book to my children and the children of my friends, hoping that they will develop their financial intelligence, intelligence and emotional intelligence together.


Referrer: Wang Juan

Recommended book: Those Things in the Ming Dynasty

Many people should have read this book, I love this book, often put on my bed, read several times. The author uses humorous language to introduce the historical picture of the Ming Dynasty from its founding to its demise. The author's vivid language makes readers feel as if they have crossed over to that era in reading, and see the historical scenes and characters of the Ming Dynasty, which may make people laugh, or make people cry, or make people nod their heads, or make people suddenly enlightened. Instead of reading a boring historical text, like a novel, you can imagine some movie scenes. Here are some classic quotes for you to feel:

1, the teeth and claws of people, often is fragile. Because really strong people, is confident, confident will be gentle, gentle will be firm.

2. The struggle for ideas is fake, the struggle for direction is fake, only the struggle for power is real.

3, the so-called world as their own duty, popular interpretation is that the world is Lao Tzu, the world is my private matter.

4. In the arena of power, the good guys are doomed.

5, there is only one success - according to their own way, to spend life.


Referrer: Congmin Li

Recommended book: "Water Knows the Answer"

All the "water knows the answer" will let you understand with kindness, good thoughts, love to share, will make yourself healthier and more beautiful, life is a kind of echo, kindness is a kind of yearning!

Water can hear, water can see, water knows the answer to life.

Hearing the words "love" and "thank you", the water crystal presents a complete and beautiful hexagonal shape; Called a "bastard", water can hardly form crystals; Heard classical music, water crystals are different; Listen to heavy metal music, water crystals will be distorted and scattered...

As long as our hearts are filled with love and gratitude, things worthy of love and gratitude will continue to come to us, so that our lives will be filled with happiness and health.

What kind of world to choose, what kind of life to have, may be all in people's mind.

Words are the expression of the mind. A different attitude towards life will change 70% of the water in the human body and show it in the external form of the body. A person with a healthy mind has a relatively healthy body. It is said that a healthy heart determines a healthy body.

The world beseeches us, it wants to be more beautiful, it beseeches us for an ultimate beauty. Think back to our original definition: Man is made of water. People who see pictures of water crystals must have some kind of change in the water in their bodies. This change is that it has found the highest beauty, which is to see the water crystallized by the words "love and thanks."

Quietly: "Love" is the most powerful force in the three-dimensional world, and "gratitude" is the most powerful force in the four-dimensional world.


Referrer: Zhang Lili

Recommended book: The Distant Savior

Brief introduction:

The book takes the love story between Ding Yuanying and Rui Xiaodan as the main line, and interprets the behavior logic and value concept of the characters from the cultural attribute.

Recommended reasons:

This book, will make people think, look back at life, and then examine their own soul.

The book reflects the integration of Chinese culture, and the charm of the main characters is diverse, including the dazzling decision to kill, but also the indifference of retiring from the secular world, the compassion of the decision to kill, and the detachment of the secular world. In terms of Chinese traditional culture, he has the sobriety and coolness of seeking truth from facts in legalism, the benevolence and justice in Confucianism, and the spiritual detachment in Taoism.

Confucianism teaches people to enter the world, Taoism teaches people to be born, legalists teach people to seek truth from facts. These three thoughts are contradictory and unified in the protagonist Ding Yuanying. Let us can not help thinking, in this materialistic, complicated world, how to live without regret, obtain the salvation of the soul.

Referee: Kang Conghui

Recommended book: The Altar of Earth and I

Brief introduction:

The author of Mine and the Temple of Earth is Shi Tiesheng, a famous contemporary Chinese writer. The first two parts of the book are included in middle school textbooks. This part focuses on the Temple of Earth and his regret with his mother. In addition to the excerpted part of the text, the author also wrote about what he saw in the ancient garden and the people and things he met. He also expressed his thoughts and thoughts, and most of them expressed his feelings about fate and life and death.

Recommended reasons:

The reason why I began to read the book "I and the Temple of Earth" is attracted by a book review written by a fan of Shi Tiesheng: I like a thing very much, is a person 13 or 14 years old summer, picked up a real gun on the road. Because young and ignorant, fearless, pull the trigger. No one was killed and no one was hurt. He thinks he fired an empty gun. Then, when he was thirty or older, he was walking along the road when he heard the faint wind behind him. He stopped, turned around, and the bullet hit him between the eyes.