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Foundation stone laying ceremony for DCCP cement plant project in Iraq

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On June 22, local time, the foundation stone laying ceremony was held for the DCCP cement plant project in Iraq, which was jointly built by Guangjin International Group overseas Construction Company. The Prime Minister of Iraq's Kurdish region, Massoud Barzani, attended the ceremony and laid the foundation stone for the project. In his speech, Barzani highly praised the contribution of the participating parties to the industrialization and development of the Kurdish region.



The cement plant project is located in the Kurdish region of Iraq, located in the valley about 45 kilometers northeast of Erbil City, for a new dry cement production line with 6,000 tons of clinker per day and a heavy oil self-provided power station project. The project process is complex, with tight construction period, large engineering volume, heavy management tasks and other characteristics.




After the project is completed and put into operation, it can provide high-quality cement materials for the local area, effectively make up for the shortage of cement in the local area and the central region of Iraq, inject new vitality into the development of infrastructure construction and building materials industry in Iraq, and continue to promote local employment, and help the economic and social development and improvement of people's livelihood in Iraq.



In order to ensure the construction quality of the cement plant, all the staff of the project department have made every effort to elaborate the construction plan, and the construction team has strictly implemented the schedule to ensure the high-quality construction of major projects and create a new business card of a model project in overseas markets. To promote Iraq's infrastructure construction is to grasp the development opportunity of the country's "Belt and Road", and the footsteps of the builders have been firmly settled in Iraq, contributing to the development of Iraq.


Kurdish 24 Hours and other local media carried live coverage of the ceremony. Deng Guomin, general manager of Iraq Company, and Cui Yanwei, assistant to President of Iraq Company, were invited to participate in the activity.