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First Building! First main structure of Iraqi model school project topped out

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Recently, with the last concrete poured on the roof of the school building, the construction of the main body of School No. 105 of the Iraqi Model Project in Dhi Qar Province has been completed. Guangjin Construction (Iraq) Co., Ltd. has undertaken the construction of several model school projects in Thi-Qar Province, and School No. 105 is the first single building to be roofed out among the schools constructed by the company, and the project team will roof out three schools, namely Schools No. 96#, No. 97#, and No. 98#, in the following period.



The owner's representative fully affirmed the achievements of the school project in construction progress, quality control, safety and civilized production, etc. Next, the project team will carry out masonry plastering and other secondary structure construction for the roofed buildings, and indoor and outdoor earth backfill for the buildings that have not been roofed.



Since the start of construction, in the face of high temperature and heat in Jigal Province and many other unfavorable factors, all the staff of the project department are not afraid of the "baking" test, stick to the front line of the battle "high" temperature, and do not let up on the project construction, and actively overcome all kinds of construction problems, the group's brother units have to lend a helping hand! Brother units of the Group have also lent a helping hand, and actively allocate manpower and material resources to support the construction of the school project, and make every effort to ensure that the construction of the school project "accelerated run". The successful topping out of the first main building provides experience for the large-scale construction of subsequent projects, which is a milestone for the overall process of the project and marks a new stage of project fulfillment.



The Iraqi model school project is crucial to the development and reform of modern education in Iraq, and is the most urgent political and livelihood project in the country, as well as the hope for the whole country to set sail again after the war. When fully completed, the school will provide a good teaching environment for tens of thousands of local teachers and students, which will witness a great leap in Iraqi education. The project will also greatly promote Sino-Iraqi friendship and benefit the livelihood of Iraqi people. We look forward to the early opening of the new school building and the welcoming of new students and teachers in the bright classrooms.


This year is the 10th anniversary of "One Belt, One Road" initiative, and China's construction is getting more and more recognized by the international community. The "Model School" project, which is related to people's livelihood and attracts a lot of attention in Iraq, as the fruit of Sino-Iraqi cooperation, will bring a new development to the Iraqi people. As a result of China-Iraq cooperation, the project will bring new development to the Iraqi people. In the next step, Guangjin team will continue to do a good job, go all out to complete the task successfully, ensure the high quality of the project, try to build a model project, polish the brand image of Chinese enterprises, and lay a good foundation for the subsequent plowing of the Iraqi market.