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The connection mode of PVC pipes

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Drainage glue for PVC pipe fitting connection, it is necessary to shake the adhesive before use. It is necessary to clean the PVC pipe and socket part. If the gap between the socket and socket is smaller, it is better to use sand cloth or saw blade to wool the joint surface. The joint is brushed evenly within the socket, and the joint part is brushed twice. It is strictly forbidden to touch water when bonding, and it is necessary to put the pipe in the trench when the pipe is in place. The pipe will be backfilled 24 hours after the joint is dry. When backfilling, fill all sides of the pipe with sand and soil, and leave out the joint area for a large amount of backfilling. Use products from the same manufacturer. When the PVC pipe is connected with the steel pipe, it is necessary to wipe the joint of the steel pipe and apply glue. When the PVC pipe is heated to be soft (but not burnt), it is necessary to insert the bearing on the steel pipe and cool it down. If the hoop is added, it will be better.

For large areas of damage to the pipe to replace the whole section of pipe, double socket joint can be used to replace the pipe. Solvent method can be used to treat leakage at solvent adhesion. At this point, drain the water in the pipe and make it negative pressure. Because of the negative pressure inside the tube, the adhesive will inhale into the pores and reach the intention of stopping leakage. The bushing cementation method is mainly aimed at pipe perforation and joint leakage. At the moment, select the same diameter pipe of 15 ~ 20cm in length and cut it lengthwise. The inner surface of the casing and the outer surface of the pipe to be repaired are furred according to the method of bonding joint, and the rubber is covered with water leakage. The glass fiber method is to use epoxy resin plus curing agent to make resin solution. After impregnation the resin solution with glass fiber cloth, it is evenly wrapped around the outer surface of the leakage in the pipe or joint. After curing, it becomes fiberglass. Because the method is simple in construction, easy to grasp the technology, good in stopping leakage and low in cost, it has high implementation value in anti-seepage and filling leakage.