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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Henan GuangJin Investment Limited Company (Zambia)

Henan Guangjin Investment Limited Company (Zambia), belonging to GuangJin International Group, was registered in Zambiain 2013. It is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise with the first-class qualifications of building and international import and export trade ,whose headquarter is located in Lusaka, capital of Zambia.

The company has rich experience in architectural design and construction, real estate projects and large municipal facilities constructions.Since its establishment, with "integrity, win-win"as business concept and operating pipe, building materials as the main body and construction projects and import and export trade as the two wings to promote its development, the company continues to grow stronger and stronger by relying on GuangJinInternational Group’s powerfulstrength. The company actively involves in several national key projects bidding in Zambia, and participates in theengineering project constructions such as silverest gardens, MCL mamba coal-fired power plants and the consulate of Angola, winning the recognition and praisewith high quality.

In engineering, the companymainly develops real estate , municipal road and bridge, engineering design and construction, engineering general contracting,municipal engineering construction, housing projectconstruction, etc. With "Based on Africa, to be bigger and stronger, to be preciser"as the concept of development, the company vigorously implement the strategy of boutique, elaborate organization, strict management and scientific construction, becoming a dazzling star in Africa.

In trade, the company has self-built bricks and tiles plant, garage;At the same time, the company manages all kinds of building pipe fittings including PVC pipe, PPR pipe, PE pipe, tee joints of pipes and bends, etc; The company also runs the business of ceramic tile, floor tile, color steel tile, bamboo veneer, security doors, cement block and PVC pinch plate, etc.Since its establishment, our company has offered a wide range of occupation for the people of Zambiato solve the problem of Zambia employment and make great contributions to the localmarket economy.

XunZi, a great educator in ancient times, says that “short steps contribute to thousands of miles.” With the vigorous development and growth of the company, the company provides more than 300 jobs to help local people to smooth the problem oflocal labor employment. The company will continue to be keen to the social public welfare activities in Zambia, actively participating in the construction of infrastructure and other kinds of projects to improve the living environment and the quality of life for local people.In the future, I believe,with the joint efforts of all staff and the support of the people of Zambia, the company will continue growing with more professional experience, high quality products and sincere attitudes.