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Guangjin Group Duo Qingkun was invited to participate in the Angolan Ministry of Environment Symposium

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Recently, Chinese companies in Angola have frequently been issued high-value tickets in various names by the Ministry of Environment of Angola.Chambers of Commerce and Chinese-funded enterprises said that the Angolan Ministry of the Environment’s Inspectorate has repeatedly violated the relevant local laws and regulations and issued large-scale fines.For this behavior, the Inspectorate must pay attention to it, conduct in-depth investigations, severely punish those responsible, and further standardize law enforcement to prevent such incidents from happening again.

On the morning of December 7, 2018, the Angolan Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Angolan China Volunteers Union held a symposium with the Ministry of Environment of Angola to understand the situation.Communicate and discuss solutions to the “high penalty” reflected in the Chinese-funded enterprises.

The symposium was attended by SERGIO COSTA, Director of the New Inspectorate of the Ministry of Environment of Angola, and MIRANDA KIALA, Director of the Legal Office.Chen Yongbao, vice president of China Chamber of Commerce, Pan Jingjian, chairman of China Volunteer League, Wu Zuyu, secretary of China Chamber of Commerce, Ding Xiu of China Volunteers Union, and Lin Zhongbin, assistant to the chairman of Yafu Trading.Daqing Group Duo Qingkun also represented Chinese-funded enterprises to participate in this symposium.

At the symposium, representatives of chambers of commerce and Chinese-funded enterprises spoke in succession and said that Chinese-funded enterprises have invested heavily in Angola and made significant contributions to local economic development. They hope that Angola will help guide them to improve relevant documents and legally operate, rather than The fines are imposed blindly, which affects the normal operation of Chinese-funded enterprises.

The Director of the Inspectorate, SERGIO COSTA, introduced the contents of his work, saying that he is now fully responsible for the supervision work of the Ministry of the Environment.FABIAO, the former inspector's bureau chief, has been dismissed for alleged extortion. If FABIAO takes the person to check, it can be ignored or directly reported to the police.SERGIO COSTA said that the Ministry of the Environment will severely clean up the team's work style, actively create an excellent environment, and promise no more extortion.

At the same time, SERGIO COSTA hopes that all Chinese companies will abide by Angola's laws and regulations and improve their due documents, including EIA certificates.If in doubt, you can also call the Ministry of the Environment directly to ask if the inspection is directly assigned by SERGIO COSTA.He also indicated that if the relevant documents of the Ministry of the Environment were not handled, a fine would be required in accordance with the law.

For the high-issuance ticket issued by the former Inspectorate Director FABIAO, SERGIO COSTA stated that the Chinese-funded enterprises in Anzhen can be resubmitted to the Ministry of the Environment for inspection.If you have been extorted by the former Director of the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Environment of Angola, you can provide the relevant information to the Secretary of the General Chamber of Commerce of China at 999 444 447.

It is also called for Chinese-funded enterprises to abide by the legal provisions of Angola and operate in compliance with laws and regulations. In the Angolan police inspection, we must not humble, establish the image of the Chinese, encounter difficulties, should try to collect and preserve relevant evidence, and promptly report to the embassy or the Anqiao Group.