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Zhengzhou Yutong Bus and Guangjin Group join forces to help the development of public transportation in Angola

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“Deeply cultivate the market, do a good job, and continuously enhance the brand value and influence of Yutong Bus in the African market”. On March 15, Jiang Boya, the head of Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Angola, told the reporter of the African Overseas Chinese Weekly at the handover ceremony of 55 Yutong buses in Angola's largest bus passenger transport company.


Ricardo de Abreu, Minister of Transport of Angola, who attended the handover ceremony


Macon is the largest bus passenger and logistics freight company in Angola. The company maintains about 700 vehicles and has opened bus routes and 24 logistics distribution lines to 18 provinces in Angola.Since 2018, the international passenger transport routes from Luanda to Windhoek, Namibia and Congo Kinshasa have been opened, which are ahead of other Angolan companies in the same industry in terms of scale of operation, quality of service, length of passenger lines and density.On the 15th, Yutong Bus Transfer Ceremony, Angola Transport Minister Ricardo de Abreu, Luanda Governor Sérgio Luther Rescova, Angola Highway Director Joao Bengue, Macon Chairman Luis jose ndapuka maquina, Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Angola Regional Director Jiang Boya Mr. Duo Qingkun, General Manager of the Trade Department of Guangjin Group, and Lang Yuan, the responsible person of Yutong Bus Angola, attended the event.


Yutong Bus waiting to be handed over


When talking about the cooperation with Macon, the regional leader Jiang Boya told the reporter that Zhengzhou Yutong Bus had provided 910 buses to Angola through government procurement for the communal use of Angolan state-owned passenger transport enterprises and provincial government agencies.It is because of the high cost performance and perfect after-sales service of Yutong Bus that we have the result of this cooperation.At present, in terms of after-sales, Zhengzhou Yutong Group and Angola Guangjin Group have jointly established a 4K store in Guangqin Group as the central repository in Angola, and the remaining 11 provincial service stations are the after-sales service network of the secondary service station.Utilizing Macon's powerful logistics and distribution capabilities to achieve a service standard of half-day emergency rescue for a service radius of 200 kilometers, it can effectively shorten the maintenance and outage cycle of faulty vehicles and improve the efficiency of use. Now the Yutong global emergency rescue service hotline 4006596666 in Angola has been opened.In terms of products, Zhengzhou Yutong will be based on the market characteristics of passengers and road conditions in Angola. It is expected that the 13-meter passenger model that is more suitable for the driving demand of Angola at the end of 2019 will be listed.At the same time, the Group will adopt more and more flexible business strategies to promote the share of Yutong Bus in the Angolan market.


Duo Qing, general manager of Guangjin Group's trade department, Jiang Boya, head of Yutong Bus Angola, and Lang Yuan, head of Yutong Bus Service


Talking about the cooperation with Guangjin Group, the person in charge, Jiang Boya and the general manager of the Trade Department of Guangjin Group, together, introduced the following: The joint of Zhengzhou Yutong Group and Guangjin Group in after-sales service and follow-up sales agency rights is Yutong Bus. In the process of coming out, according to the advantages of the Guangjin Group,The Guangjin Group has been cultivating in Angola for many years. The software and hardware environment of the company are very good. The initial after-sales service cooperation based on the KIKUXI4S store of the group is very good, achieving the goal of 1+1>2.Since the second half of 2018, Guangjin Group and Yutong Bus have started to cooperate in sales. At present, Guangjin Group is already a distributor of Yutong Bus in Angola. And in other countries in Africa (such as Zambia), Guangjin Group is also working with Yutong Bus.

For the development of markets in other African countries, the responsible person Jiang Boya continued to introduce that at present, Africa, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, South Africa and other major countries have Yutong bus sales network,In the second half of 2018, the Group's 15,000th bus exported to Africa was launched, which is the largest market share among Chinese brands. In the subsequent market expansion,Yutong Bus will continue to adhere to the deep-rooted business, provide services, and continuously enhance the brand influence of Yutong Bus, so that the Yutong boutique made in China will move to more African countries and regions.




Děngdài yíjiāo de yǔtōng kèchē
Yutong Bus waiting to be handed over
Děngdài yíjiāo de yǔtōng kèchē
Yutong Bus waiting to be handed over
Děngdài yíjiāo de yǔtōng kèchē
Yutong Bus waiting to be handed over