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The Chinese Embassy in Tanzania’s Dodoma Office was officially unveiled

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On April 12, 2019, the office of the Dolma of the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania was officially unveiled.Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania Wang Ke, Minister of Foreign Affairs and East Africa Cooperation, Kabdi, Minister of Industry and Trade Kaqunda, Minister of State for Policy and Investment of the Prime Minister, Kailuji,The chairman of the Foreign Affairs, National Defense and Security Committee of the Tanzanian Parliament, Zungu, the minister of the political and political circles, the former Minister of Communications and Engineering, Lucindi, and other representatives from more than 60 people attended the unveiling ceremony. Liang Lin, the political counselor of the Embassy, presided over the ceremony.


Ambassador Wang Ke, Foreign Minister Kabdi, etc. unveiled the office of the Chinese Embassy in the Dodma


In his speech, Ambassador Wang Ke pointed out that the establishment of the office of the Dolma Office of the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania is a concrete manifestation of China's support for the policy of the Tanzanian government.The move to Dodo is the historical wish of President Nyerere as early as 1973. It is of great significance for strengthening the central government's radiation management and promoting coastal and inland linkage development.President Magufuli used extraordinary enthusiasm and determination to overcome various difficulties and promote the process of moving to the capital. The Chinese Embassy in Tanzania actively responded to the call of the Tanzanian government and decided to open an office in Dodoma.


Ambassador Wang Ke delivered a speech


Ambassador Wang Ke emphasized that the establishment of the office of the Dolma Office of the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania is also an objective need to promote the deepening of China-Tanzania cooperation.With the continuous development of China-Tanzania relations, the continuous cooperation between the two sides and the deepening of humanities exchanges, it is necessary for the two countries to increase the development strategy and the smooth communication and coordination channels.The establishment of the Embassy Dodoma office will help strengthen the regular communication between the governments and parliaments of the two countries, improve the efficiency of cooperation and cooperation, and thus better serve and promote the development of friendly cooperation between the two countries.

In his speech, Foreign Minister Kabdi stated that China was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic institutions in Dodoma, which reflects the importance and closeness of Sino-Tanzan diplomatic relations.China and Tanzania are all-weather friends. The two sides have political mutual trust, economic complementarity and close destiny. They share common interests in safeguarding world peace, promoting economic prosperity and meeting development challenges.At present, China and Tanzania are under the leadership of two visionary leaders, Xi Jinping and Magu Fuli, to severely punish corruption and build their respective countries. Tanzania firmly supports China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative and various cooperation under the framework of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum.


Foreign Minister Kabdi's speech


The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Tanzanian Parliament, Zungu and former Minister of Communications Lucindi also delivered speeches respectively, praising the traditional friendship between Tanzania and China, and congratulating the Chinese Embassy's office in Dodoma.The mainstream media in Tanzania made full coverage of the unveiling ceremony.