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Angola reports first cured case of new coronary pneumonia

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On the 30th, Franco Mufinda, the state secretary of the Ministry of Public Health of Angola announced that one of the five patients infected with the new coronavirus pneumonia (Covid-19) recovered, and the remaining four were in stable condition.

It is understood that the currently cured case is one of the first two confirmed patients diagnosed in Angola, and it is also the first confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia cured in Angola.

Franco Mufinda said that 21 samples of suspected Covid-19 cases tested in the past 24 hours were negative. There are currently 272 cases with no results, and 1273 people are being concentrated in isolation, of which 532 are in Luanda.

The remaining suspected cases were distributed in Cuneine (158 cases), Bier (4 cases), Kwanza Norte (3 cases), Uige (14 cases), Weila (36 cases) and Huambo (27 cases), and some other home isolation staff.

At this pace (7 confirmed cases in Angola, of which 2 died and 1 recovered), Franco Mufinda stated that according to the World Health Organization's forecast, by July 29, Angola may register 10,000 cases.

According to epidemiological models used by all African countries, the number of confirmed cases of Angola in the next few weeks (within April) will increase exponentially. It is expected that by May 18, there will be more than 1,000 cases of new coronary pneumonia in Angola.