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Angola Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce and Henan Chamber of Commerce held a friendly basketball match

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To celebrate the "August 1st" Army Day, the Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Angola and the Henan Chamber of Commerce in Angola held a basketball match in the 4S store of Guangjin International Group. In the competition, the two sides demonstrated the spirit of hard work and progress in Anhua with their tenacious fighting spirit and teamwork.




Zhu Jinlin, Chairman of the Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Angola, Chen Shuming, Secretary-General, Yang Liming, Secretary-General of the Henan Chamber of Commerce, and Duo Qingkun, Secretary-General attended the game.





Before the game, the two sides had a sufficient warm-up. At the beginning of the first quarter, the Henan Chamber of Commerce hit two consecutive goals, leading 4:0, and then continued to expand the score gap.The Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce quickly adapted to the rhythm and began to catch up, and once surpassed the score, eventually winning 50:34.


In the competition, the athletes of both sides carried forward the sportsmanship of "friendship first, competition second". The whole game was wonderful, and they won bursts of applause from the audience with their superb skills, tacit cooperation and tenacious fighting spirit.









This basketball game not only enriched the Chinese amateur life, promoted the exchanges and friendship between the two associations, but also fully demonstrated the spirit of the Chinese community athletes to forge ahead, unite and cooperate.


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