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The cold warms the hearts of the elderly| Guangjin Group carried out visiting and condolence activities

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Long life

The heaviest is Sangyu

The protagonist of today's news is the elderly in Houhu Village

How are you?

How are you recently?

We have come to see you. I wish you a happy Spring Festival!

One branch and one leaf always close the relationship

Winter is the best time to Care for the elderly


        On the eve of the Spring Festival, in order to let the elderly in Houhu Village, Xinzhuang Town, Fanxian County, Henan Province, have a peaceful and happy Spring Festival, Guangjin International Group, under the guidance of the chairman of the board of directors, carried out the Spring Festival greetings and warm activities. This time, the elderly in the village over 70 years old and all the poor households in the village were visited. In the condolences activities, the Guangjin team not only provided the elderly with the benefits of the Spring Festival, but also brought the New Year's greetings from the chairman Chen Jiazhong, I wish the old people good health and happy life in the new year.


The scene of the solicitude was full of joy, and the old people were filled with happy smiles after receiving the solicitude items

At the same time, the elderly were told to pay more attention to their health

Grandpa and grandma's amiable appearance makes people feel warm in this cold winter

The elderly expressed in succession: thank you for your concern, and wish you a happy new year and smooth work!


A greeting, a thank you, a blessing, and a smile gather into a warm current in the cold winter and warm the heart.


Respect for the elderly is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and it is also the bounden responsibility of the whole society. Chairman Chen Jiazhong went out of his hometown campus, went deep into the society, practiced and became a talent. He has been committed to giving back to his hometown, caring for the elderly, making contributions to his hometown as much as he can, and passing on warmth and love. The  activities of care for the elderly have lasted for more than ten years and have become the cultural tradition of the group.