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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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"Plant" is a year spring | wide enter international group to carry out compulsory tree planting activity in 2023

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A tree produces 3,653 grams of oxygen per day

One hectare of forest can reduce pm2.5 by 10-50% per year

A forest purifies a city

Plant a touch of green, protect a home




The moon of Meng spring is full of virtue in the wood


        Spring and bright, new green blooms. On March 25, Guangjin International Group organized its employees to go to Zhengzhou Compulsory Tree Planting Base to carry out the 2023 compulsory tree planting activity, and actively participate in afforestation with practical actions to create a green and healthy ecological environment.




Root down and grow up


        On the same day, the Guangjin tree planting team arrived at the activity site, signed in to receive the saplings, and officially entered the working state. Tree planting scene waving red flags, crowded, everywhere is busy figure. Colleagues cooperate in division of labor, cooperate with each other, dig pits, put seedlings, straighten, soil, compaction, watering, carefully to the saplings home, add new green for the home. From a distance, rows of newly planted saplings are scattered, standing against the wind, radiating a vigorous green vitality.




        "This is my first time to participate in planting trees. Looking at the fruits of my labor, it is really full of a sense of achievement. I hope my saplings grow up vigorously!" "Said a colleague at the tree-planting event.


Every year tree shade, afforestation from generation to generation

Participate in this activity at a time of recovery

Not only for the bright spring of March to add a touch of green

And planted a spring of hope for all

Protecting the ecological environment is everyone's responsibility

We will continue this tradition

With our own little power

Add a touch of green to nature

Make another effort for clean water and green mountains