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The expert group from Henan University of Finance and Finance visited the practice base outside the group headquarters for exchange and discussion

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On April 14, Li Yinghui, dean of the evaluation expert group of the off-campus practice base of Henan University of Finance and Finance, and Qin Jiang, deputy director of the academic Affairs Office, led a team to visit the headquarters of Henan University of Finance and Finance, and conducted an investigation and exchange on the school-enterprise cooperation between Henan University of Finance and Finance and the headquarters of Henan University of Finance and Finance, which marked the substantial development stage of the internship training and job extension and employment promotion project between Henan University of Finance and Finance and Guangjin International Group. Yang Shoujie, Executive deputy General Manager of the Group Construction Company, Feng Hongling, Director of Finance and Audit Department of the Group, Deputy Director of Finance and Director of Human Resource Xing Huitian, Assistant President Cui Yanwei, director of Human Resource Guo Mingliang, and Chen Jiafeng of Domestic Translation Department attended the discussion together.


The expert group led the teachers to visit the headquarters office building of the group and gave full affirmation to the development achievements of the group and the working and living conditions of the students during the internship. The teachers of the expert group checked the documents and materials related to school-enterprise cooperation and student internship, and indicated that the hardware facilities and development direction of the school-enterprise cooperation base meet the requirements of the school.


Afterwards, the two sides had a discussion in the conference room. President Yang welcomed the visit of Dean Li and his delegation, introduced the business development and talent demand of the group, welcomed the excellent students sent by the school for various positions of the group, and gave feedback on the employment and internship situation of the students in the previous stage. Mr. Yang said that in the next step, we will continue to deepen cooperation, strengthen the integration of school, industry and education, improve the quality of school-enterprise cooperation, and build the group's off-campus practice base into a high-standard demonstration practice base.


President Li Yinghui proposed to explore a broader path for the cooperation between Henan Institute of Finance and Finance and Guangjin International Group, and to carry out in-depth integration of industry and education with the goal of achieving joint achievements. Deputy Director Qin Jiang proposed that the cooperation between the college and the excellent practice base should develop in depth, jointly formulate training programs, implement long-term systematic orientation training, and build an integrated community of industry and education.


In this discussion and exchange, both sides fully affirmed the achievements of school-enterprise cooperation. With the business development of the Group, both sides will continue to broaden the depth of school-enterprise cooperation, actively explore new directions of cooperation, and lay a solid foundation for promoting the construction of off-campus practice base and further deepening the integration of industry and education.