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Mother's broken thoughts, warm my year after year

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This Sunday is Mother's Day, see the company's advertisement, hurried to find a photo with the mother, through the album only to find a photo of the mother and daughter, grandparents and grandchildren under the ginkgo tree smiling very happy, is this one.

The ginkgo tree is also known as the grandchild tree, because the fruit is late in fruition and ancestors believe that the ancestors planted the tree to the grandchildren to bear fruit, so it is called.

Mother and daughter, the person who gave birth to me, the person I gave birth to, the two people who connect my life, on this Mother's Day eve, looking at this 2015 photo in a foreign country, I can't help but feel mixed feelings.

In January of that year, my father died of illness. I worried that my mother was too lonely in her hometown, so I brought my mother to live with me. However, because of work, I went on business trips for many times and could not accompany her.

It was not until a weekend in November 2015 that I had time to take my mother and daughter to Zhengzhou University, my Alma mater. Under the ginkgo trees of Zhengzhou University, I looked at groups of students walking through the campus. My mother smiled for the beautiful campus, young students, and her choice that year.

Among the rural girls born in the 1970s, I was undoubtedly lucky. My mother and father, despite the ridicule of the neighbors and the burden of raising three children at home, worked hard all their lives by farming and raising pigs to support my three siblings to study, one by one.

My mother walked into Zhengzhou University for the first time that day, and she was proud. Standing under the grandchild tree mother gave me the baton, I also want to mother to try my best to cultivate my daughter, lift her to see further. Now my daughter is going to go to the university of her choice.

As a daughter, I am grateful to my mother for not only giving birth to me, but also for sending me to places she could not go, and as a mother, I am my mother.

On this Mother's Day, I want to tell my mother to be kind to herself, just as my daughter told me.

As a mother, thank you to my daughter, because she gave me the motivation to break through.

From: Feng Hongling



On this Mother's Day, I want to express my gratitude to my mother in China. Because of my work, I came to Zambia, leaving my hometown and family, to start a new life.

Traveling thousands of miles away, my mother has been worried about my safety and happiness. Zambia is a beautiful country where I have met many different people and learned many new things, but also faced many challenges and difficulties.

When I decided to work in Zambia, my mother was always there for me, encouraging and supportive. She knows that this is my decision to pursue my dream and that there may be many challenges and difficulties in this process. However, she has never advised me to give up, but has always encouraged me, supported me and cared for me. She calls me every day, asking about my life and my health. She always tried to make me feel at home, even though I was in a foreign country. I know that my mother's love and support will always be with me, no matter where I am. Even if I am far away from home, her care and love is my motivation and support.

On this Mother's Day, I want to say thank you to my mother for all you have done for me, including your silent prayers for me from afar. I will continue to work hard to make more contributions to my family and society, and make my mother more proud and proud.

Finally, I would like to wish all the mothers good health and happiness on this special day. Mother's love is always our most precious wealth, but also our forward motivation and support. Let's be grateful to our mothers and send them our best wishes and gratitude.

From: Zambia Company -- Liu Guisheng


As the last train of the post-90s generation, I seem to have been one step slower than others since childhood. School is a year later than others, primary school to the county to go to school to repeat a year, college entrance examination failure to repeat a year. So when I was about to graduate from college, I just got on the university bus.


My mother had something to do with the three years' delay, but it was not a complaint. On the contrary, I was grateful for the three years' delay.


I spent the first half of my primary school life in a village primary school. Later, because parents sent their students to study in the county, the village gradually declined, so I became a student in the county. It was raining on the day I signed up for the new school. Under the gate of the new primary school, two female teachers moved two tables. After a few words between my mother and the teacher, I wrote the rest of my primary school time on the paper which was wet by the rain. From then on, I made two trips a day, riding my bike alone on the 4km one-way trip to school. On this stretch of road, there was a heavily trafficked intersection where car accidents happened every month, and my mother would chant that intersection when I came home late from school for four years. In primary school, my grades are relatively good. In addition, I am one or two years older than my classmates. Every year, everyone would recommend me to be the monitor.


When I entered junior high school, my mother let me study in a private school with closed management. This was my first time at a boarding school, and since I came home every two weeks, my mother could find some odd jobs to do. These visits seemed to speed up the time. Each return was different, but each time there was a chicken cooing in the kitchen. In junior high school, my mother asked me which high school was my target before the entrance examination, but I only answered county high school. Since then, my mother has never asked me. Since I was young, I have heard my family say that entering a county high school is one foot into a university. Fortunately, my answer to my mother was as promised.


People say, do not repeat the high school is not perfect, it seems that I am in the heart to believe this sentence, but more or less a little helpless. In the summer vacation after my failure in the first college entrance examination, I was torn between restudying and being unwilling. Restudying was like a big gamble, in which I exchanged an extra year of time for an uncertain result. Mother did not say anything, just let me work hard, the family must be supportive of me, an extra year of time also represents a year of harvest. So I signed up a week before the class started. A year later, in the college entrance examination, I was immersed in the exam paper. The moment I walked out of the exam room, I didn't think about the result. I just felt that I had done my best.


The day the grades came out, the year had accumulated in the increased grades, the mother had prepared the "celebration party" in advance, she was confident in her son.


My mother rarely traveled far, never took a train, only know the village behind the field is speeding high-speed rail. It rained that day when the university opened, my mother and father carried the bags and I went to the train station, it was the first time my mother came into the train station, in the past to send my father out to work, and this is to send my son to the university, the mother's face that day is always with a smile. On the train, my mother kept looking out the window at the fields, wondering what she was thinking. When I learned that I was going to work in Africa, my mother also told me a few words about her impression of Africa and what she thought to pay attention to. After that, there was only a video of me calling home often. Mother worry, at that moment I deeply felt.



Being three years behind others brings three more years of growth, which brings both pressure and motivation.


On the arrival of Mother's Day, I hope my mother is safe and healthy and my family is safe and smooth.

From: Zambia Company -- Zhang Weikang