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Zambia RTSA raises speed limit standard for Lusaka highway

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Recently, the Zambia Road Traffic Safety Administration (RTSA) has increased the speed limit of the Lusaka Highway by at least 20 kilometers per hour. This decision has been well received by car owners.

The implementation of the new standard has started and will be fully implemented with the cooperation of the RTSA and the Lusaka City Council (LCC).

Fredrick Mubanga, head of public relations at RTSA, said that the speed limit adjustments for the relevant highways were: the original speed of 40 km was adjusted to a speed of 60 km/h and the original speed of 60 km was adjusted to a speed of 80 km/h. The original speed of 80 kilometers per hour was adjusted to 100 kilometers per hour.Starting from the Dadong Road with the most speedometers, the speed limit standard adjustment of the relevant sections is being implemented. Once all resources are ready, all highways in other provinces will implement this speed limit.

Some motorists have complained that the speed limit of a two-lane road of 40 km/h is too unreasonable, especially in places where people have low traffic. In this case, speeding is a common practice, and fines are not paid less.

Since the introduction of the highway speedometer in early 2018, by August of the same year, the RTSA has already received a fine of 13.5 million kwacha (equivalent to about RMB 7.297 million) (the speeding penalty is 300 kwacha (about RMB 162)/time)