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Ambassador to Angola Gong Tao Meets with Ann's New Foreign Minister Antonio

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On April 15, 2020, Ambassador Gong Tao of Angola met with Anton ’s new Foreign Minister Antonio to exchange views on bilateral relations and China-Angola cooperation in anti-epidemic.



Ambassador Gong congratulated Foreign Minister Antonio for his new position and said that China and Angola are strategic partners of each other. Over the years, the friendly relations between the two countries have continued to develop, and pragmatic cooperation in various fields has achieved fruitful results to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the two countries have united, helped each other, maintained communication and cooperation, and jointly combated the outbreak.Ambassador Gong introduced the anti-epidemic support provided by the Chinese government and Chinese-funded enterprises and overseas Chinese delegations to Angolan during the epidemic, and expressed that China is willing to continue to strengthen anti-epidemic cooperation with Angolan, share anti-epidemic experience and help Ango within its ability Improve the epidemic prevention and control capabilities to better respond to the challenges posed by the epidemic.Ambassador Gong also briefed Antonio on the major achievements of China ’s domestic epidemic prevention and control, accelerating the resumption of production and production, and continuing to do a good job of “foreign defense imports and internal rebound prevention”, emphasizing that China ’s relevant epidemic prevention measures have addressed Treating all people equally is aimed at maintaining the health and safety of Chinese and foreign personnel.It is hoped that the Angolan side will guide the overseas Chinese to actively cooperate with the Chinese epidemic prevention measures and take practical measures to protect the health and safety of the Chinese citizens in Anhui and their various legal rights and interests.

Foreign Minister Antonio said that China is not only a good friend of Angola, but also a good brother of all African countries.Even in the most difficult period of the anti-epidemic struggle, China still strives to guarantee the health and safety of citizens in China, especially students studying in Wuhan. We highly appreciate this.Angolan thanked the Chinese government, enterprises and overseas Chinese delegation for donating anti-epidemic materials to Angolan, attaching great importance to the importance of Ango-China cooperation in combating the epidemic situation and restoring economic development after the epidemic situation, and understanding and supporting the anti-epidemic measures that China takes from the need He is willing to continue to maintain communication and cooperation with China, jointly safeguard the overall situation of China-Africa solidarity against epidemic disease, and protect the health, safety and legal rights of the people of both countries.