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Angola || First case of new coronary pneumonia spread locally

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According to Antong News Agency, on April 27, Angola ’s State Secretary for Public Health Franco Mufinda announced at a press conference that Angola found a confirmed case of a new coronary pneumonia on the 26th.The 16-year-old patient was the daughter of a patient who had previously been diagnosed.


So far, Angola has ended the history of pure imported cases since the first diagnosis of new crown cases occurred on March 21.In this way, the number of people infected with Angola ’s new coronavirus rose to 27. Two people have died and six have recovered (two were discharged), and the rest are receiving treatment.


Franco Mufinda said that 837 people were in institutional isolation and 303 samples were being processed.In order to curb the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic (covid-19), Angola observed that the third phase of the emergency (Sunday, April 26) began at 00:00 and was valid until May 10 at 23:59 It has been 45 days of social isolation.


On 26th, the state of emergency in Angola was postponed again. For the sake of economy and people's livelihood, the Angolan government had to relax some restrictions.This also brought more uncertainties to the situation of the new crown prevention and control in Luanda.At present, the Angolan government is still unclear and ambiguous about the confirmed information of patients. Therefore, it is recommended that in this special period, the Chinese in Anhua Enterprise should take a twelve-point spirit, do all safety protection work, and take preventive measures before they happen.