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donate! ——The Angola China General Chamber of Commerce sets up the “Fight Against Epidemic Fund”

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In the global epidemic fight, Africa ’s weak health care system has become the object of concern for people all over the world.As a Chinese company developing in Angola, Guangjin International Group actively responded to the announcement of the Angola China General Chamber of Commerce on the launching of "new crown pneumonia epidemic love donation",Chairman Chen Jiazhong, on behalf of Guangjin International Group, donated 1 million kwanza to the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce to fight the epidemic.


It is reported that after the notice issued by the China General Chamber of Commerce on the launching of "new crown pneumonia epidemic love donation", all units of the chamber of commerce actively responded and carefully organized donations for employees of the unit. A total of 51,920,000 kwanzas were donated.


The global epidemic has changed, and Angola has fallen into it. According to the recent important instructions of the Embassy, the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce will set up a "Fight Against New Epidemic Fund" with donations from all of you, which will be used for the purchase or donation of charities such as Angola's Ministry of the Interior and the President's Lady's Foundation.Help Angola get out of the epidemic as soon as possible, and help the Anhua Chinese to resume normal work and life as soon as possible.


Xu Ning, president of the China General Chamber of Commerce, said that the unity and cooperation between China and Angola will certainly help Angola overcome the epidemic. The China General Chamber of Commerce is willing to continue to strengthen cooperation in anti-epidemic cooperation with Angola and work together to overcome difficulties.At the same time, the China General Chamber of Commerce will further communicate with the Ministry of the Interior of Angola and the police, strengthen the protection of the lives and legal rights of Chinese citizens in Angola, and continue to escort the anti-epidemic cooperation between China and Angola.


As a Chinese company in Angola, the Angola epidemic always affects the hearts of all employees of Guangjin. Guangjin International Group is willing to contribute to the cooperation between China and Angola.May the epidemic be ended as soon as possible, the rivers and rivers are in good condition, and everyone is safe!


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