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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Father's Day---Father's Love of Guangjin People

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      Father loves old wine without knowing it, and only when he wakes up does he know the taste.

      The label given to my father is always strong to earn money to support the family. Later, I realized that my father is just an ordinary person. The pressure is on you, and you are often the one with the heaviest burden on your shoulders.


      Due to the needs of work, many male colleagues of Guangjin have been stationed in foreign countries all the year round and have made outstanding contributions to the company. Guangjin people, a group that pays attention to dedication, the father of Guangjin people and the father of Guangjin people have integrated the emotions of three generations.

    They sweat like rain on the construction site, striving to be a pioneer and model, sailing overseas, and going deep into the front line of the project, from scratch, from small to large, from simple conditions to well-equipped, majestic dams, majestic power stations, and winding canals. The figure of Guangjin people, they can also pat their chests to show off their great projects to their children.




     It is necessary to strive to be an excellent Guangjin person, and also to be a qualified father. While they are busy at work, no matter how far they get together, regular video calls and text messages communicate so that love spans thousands of mountains and rivers, no longer. There are geographical distance barriers. They have a lot of love for their father, and their love for their children will only increase when they become fathers. It will be stronger and thicker, but the way they give it is different from ordinary people. If you define a father again, it must have generosity, tenacity and responsibility. Thumbs up for every father, you have worked hard, happy Father's Day!

       With the continuous deepening of the "Belt and Road" construction, Guangjin Group, as a witness and cultivator of African infrastructure, Guangjin people use persistence as the background, love a small family, and serve everyone. To add brilliance with dedication, our responsibility will never fade, no matter the feelings of the family or the country or the mission of the company.