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Guangjin is a large-scale comprehensive modern construction industry and international trade group that is based on construction and integrates international trade, investment, development and operation into a cross-regional and cross-border development.

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Wind is raising, courageously renewed qixin article | wide enter international group 2022 annual meeting of the board

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      February 27, Guangjin International Group board of directors meeting successfully held. All local companies and some board members attended the meeting via video link. Chen Jiachong group chairman, executive director of LuHongFa, Ma Guokun, Feng Hongling, XingHuiTian, Zhang Haichang, Yang Liming, Deng Guomin kun, Chen Jiafu deqing, lee is fruit, flower, shou-jie Yang, guohua, the hiu tung, director Hu Dianwang, chui sai cheong, li book Kui, Tian Hongliang, Chen Sheng identity to attend the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Cui Yanwei, secretary of the board of directors.


        The meeting first of all preached the theme of "unity of thought, unity of strategy", and called on all employees to unify their thoughts, thoughts and efforts.

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        At the meeting, each company of the group reported to the board of directors in turn the situation of enterprise management in 2022 and the ideas for the next step of work, focusing on solving problems left over from history, and promoting enterprise management ability to better adapt to the scale of development. The directors carefully deliberated various topics, gave full play to their personal expertise, expressed their opinions independently and objectively, and put forward reasonable suggestions on further strengthening project performance, standardizing enterprise operation and management, going global for domestic personnel, strictly managing financial revenues and expenditures, and expanding financing. The board meeting objectively summarized the Group's completion of economic indicators and key work achievements in 2022; The work plan for 2023 has been determined, business objectives have been set, and arrangements have been made for improving management ability.


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        The chairman gave full affirmation to the construction of the board of directors and other work. He pointed out that the opinions and questions put forward by the directors were precise, the direction was clear and the suggestions were reasonable, which reflected the serious and responsible attitude of the directors to the overseas business of the group. At the same time, I highly commend the employees who have gone abroad retrograde during the epidemic period and contributed to all work lines with the group, emphasizing that the spiritual requirements of the board of directors should be strictly implemented after the meeting, and the comments and suggestions of the directors should be sorted out in detail, made a list and provided timely feedback.


        The meeting of the board of directors, effectively play the board of directors "strategy, decision-making, risk prevention" function. Through this board meeting, in 2023, under the guidance of the board of directors, the group will set out again with pride, insist on the toughness of Qingshan not relax, straight up the clouds and sails to the sea of courage, and take a good new road to the exam.

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