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The construction of sponge city in Xinxiang City is gradually increasing

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According to the principle of “pre-planning and construction”, the “Xinxiang City Sponge City Special Plan” has been reviewed by the provincial government and approved by the Municipal Regulation Committee. The public announcement has been completed and is subject to the approval of the municipal government.In combination with Xinxiang City's “13th Five-Year Plan”, shed reform project plan, approved project construction and land reform conditions, 204 sponge-type buildings and community construction projects will be determined; 15 sponge-type industrial park construction projects; sponge type There are a total of 89 road construction projects; 14 new parks will be built in the key construction areas, and 2 parks will be rebuilt; 126.4 hectares of riverside green space and street green space will be added and reconstructed.Outside the key construction area, there are 7 new parks, 2 parks, 3 parks, and 189.6 hectares of new riverside greens and street greens; planned to complete the lakes of Dingguo Lake, Weiyuan Lake, Fengquan Lake and East Lake. Completed the artificial wetlands of Weiyuan Lake, Fengquan Lake and Donghu Lake; reconstructed, built and maintained part of the communist channel, Weihe River, Zhaoding River, Ximeng Jiangnu River and Dongmeng Jiangnu River, with a total length of about 40 kilometers; There are 13 rainwater pumping stations, 330 kilometers of new rainwater pipelines, 21.41 kilometers of pipelines, 7 sewage treatment pumping stations, 3 sewage treatment plants, 30.72 kilometers of new sewage interception pipelines and 142 kilometers of new sewage pipelines.

In order to speed up the construction of the sponge city in Xinxiang City, since 2015, municipal facilities such as new roads and road reconstructions in the urban areas have been required to be constructed in strict accordance with the sponge city standards, increase the sponge elements, and accelerate the construction of sponge demonstration projects. By 2017, Xinxiang City has completed more than 60 kilometers of sewage water pipe network and more than 20 new road projects.In 2017, it plans to implement sponge-reconstruction on 14 road sections including Renmin West Road, Heping Avenue and Shengli Street. It will start construction of two sponge-type demonstration parks in Xiangyang Park and Harmony Park, and build a disaster prevention and risk prevention command center of Makino Square; The Xinzhong Avenue and the section of Jinsui Avenue were divided into green areas to implement the sponge transformation; the construction of sewage interception pipelines for the rivers such as the People's Victory Canal, Ximeng Jiangnu River and Dongmeng Jiangnu River; and the construction of the Donghu and Baiquan Avenue connecting channels.

At present, the construction of Xinsi Street, Shenye International New City Planning Road Sponge City Road; reconstruction of 12 sponge cities such as Heping Avenue and Xiangyang Road; and upgrading of 12 roads along the stone and road bricks in the urban area, the project The finishing work is being carried out; the Xuanguo Lake project of the Sponge City Park has basically been opened; the Rongshui East Road rainwater pumping station and the Cologne Avenue sewage pumping station are under construction; the eastern sewage treatment plant and the iron northwest sewage treatment plant are under construction.

It is understood that the urban access road area under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Housing and Construction Committee is about 1,238,884 square meters, of which the permeable brick paving area is about 251,270 square meters, accounting for 21%.