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Angola adopts draft "Basic Civil Defense Law"

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According to the "Angola Daily", the Angolan government formally adopted the draft "Civil Defense Basic Law" on May 22 to provide an institutional basis for the government to effectively respond to public disasters and collective risks.


Ad? Ode Almeida, Minister of State and Director of Private Affairs, said that Angola recommended continuing to take measures to balance the careful consideration of ensuring the safety of individuals and collective lives to avoid the risk of large-scale spread of coronavirus in Angola.


Ad? Ode Almeida believes that conditions should be actively created to allow economic activities to be restarted under sanitary conditions. The economic losses caused by the epidemic should not exceed the social impact of the epidemic.He said, "No matter what measures are taken, both health and society will be taken into consideration."


Ad? Ode Almeida explained that in the event of a public disaster in the country, the president may declare or extend the state of emergency, and evaluate and take the best measures according to the situation. At present, the state of emergency in Angola will end on May 25.


Ad? Ode Almeida emphasized the importance of the passage of the Basic Law on Civil Defence and stated that with the provisions of this law, Angola in the current situation can directly activate the civil defense system.


With the legal basis, Angola can take specific measures according to the actual situation to deal with the public disasters facing it.For two months, Angola has declared a state of emergency to prevent the spread of the epidemic, and some of the basic rights of citizens have been suspended.Ad? Ode Almeida believes that the current dilemma can be resolved through a national emergency or other means, but always maintain a sense of responsibility, prudence and the right to life.